Virtual Visits at MHPC

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Videoconference with your health care providers from the safety & comfort of your own home.

As we work together to navigate the coronavirus emergency, Middlesex Health is now offering Virtual Visits—also called telehealth or telemedicine visits—with providers. This will allow you to have certain types of appointments using Zoom or your MyChart account, which both offer easy-to-use videoconferencing on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Download Zoom Instructions  |  Download MyChart Visit Instructions |  Review Consent Form

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Virtual Visit?

    A Virtual Visit, also called a telehealth or telemedicine visit, is very similar to an in-person visit with your provider. The difference is that you will be videoconferencing with your provider on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • How do Virtual Visits work?

    Virtual Visits will have the same look and feel as an in-person visit. After you join your appointment, you will be greeted by staff and checked in by one of our Medical Assistants. You will then speak with your provider, who will be in an exam room. Afterwards, you will have the option to schedule a follow-up visit, if needed.

    Because you are not at the office, we cannot take the usual pre-appointment measurements, such as weight and blood pressure. We encourage you to check these at home and share that information during check-in, when you will also be asked for your name, date of birth, current medications, and allergies.

  • What types of appointments can I schedule?

    You can schedule many different types of appointments as Virtual Visits, including:

      • new patient visit
      • acute appointment or sick visit
      • follow-up appointment
      • emergency department follow-up appointment
      • care management or hospital follow-up appointment
      • Medicare Wellness Visit
  • Will I see my usual doctor, PA or APRN?

    In most cases, yes! If you have scheduled an appointment in advance, you will be able to see your regular provider. If you have scheduled a sick visit or acute appointment, you may see the next available provider. This is the same process we use for in-person sick visits.

  • How do I schedule a Virtual Visit?

    You can schedule a Virtual Visit just like an in-person visit. Please call your provider’s office or 860-358-4808 to set up an appointment.
  • Will my Virtual Visit be covered by insurance?

    Due to the COVID-19 emergency, most insurance providers are covering Virtual Visits in April, May and June. We encourage you to contact your insurance provider to make sure that your plan covers these appointments, which may also be called telehealth or telemedicine visits.

  • Do I need any special technology for a Virtual Visit?

    You can participate in a Virtual Visit from any Internet-enabled device that has a microphone and camera. This includes desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and Android or iOS smartphones. 

    Many appointments will take place on the Zoom platform. Click here to download instructions for setting up Zoom on your device. Some appointments will take place in MyChart. Click here to download instructions for MyChart Virtual Visits. If you need to set up a MyChart account, visit middlesexhealth.org/mychart or download this step-by-step guide.

  • Do I have to complete any paperwork ahead of my Virtual Visit?

    Unless your provider reaches out to you directly or asks you to update any information in your MyChart patient portal, you do not need to complete any special telehealth paperwork before your visit. However, we do ask that you review our Telehealth Consent Form. You do not need to sign and return this document; we will complete that process during your visit.

Disclaimer for Virtual Visits

At Middlesex Health Family Medicine, we respect your confidentiality. You can expect to speak with a nurse and your provider during your visit and will be notified if anyone else joins. In return, we ask that you help maintain privacy by refraining from taking any videos or pictures/screenshots during your appointment. Thank you for your understanding. // Read Full Consent Form